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Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to last year, according to a report. and the website reach the city tied with portland as that accept second most bicycle friendly city in the country .. >> we make strides as far as bike lanes and more bike safety measures, expanded bicycle parking, we have a long way to go but this all started with what happened two decades ago. >> on valencia at the welcome center for the event today, bicyclist from all over the world are checking in, some are long time critical mass riders and tell me the city has come a long way but i could get more bicycles and lake, as for whether that message has been heard? >> it is interesting because i think that critical mass is not driving any one particular message around how to improve the city, it is really an awareness statements of " your real art, we're taking up this amount of space with as many cycles to show you that we exist ". i would not say that we have any goals that we want to achieve. >> when it first presented itself there was a lot confrontation. >> yes there was. mad motorists have occasionally tried to run down the bicyclist. bicyclist
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of it itself. what it does do, it allows the city to commission an $8 million study to say, if we drain this, can we restore the area and find other ways to bring in power and water to the city? shorters like mike marshall say it's time to modernize our water system. >> this is one of nine storage facilities where we store our water. down below here, the river still flows and it will continue to flow once we restore the hetch hetchy valley. >> reporter: politically it's like touching the third rail. >> it is universal. there is not a single elected official in northern california that i'm aware of who is supporting prop f. >> you've been saying this measure f, it's insane, stupid. do you still stand by that today? >> oh, absolutely. when anybody rational looks at it, there is no answer to the cleanest water that this whole state if not the country has with our hetch hetchy water. >> reporter: and while only san francisco residents will vote on this study, it has much broader implications. there are 30 municipalities in the bay area that use water from hetch hetchy, including cities in san m
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and conspiracy charges. the driver faces additional charges of speeding and d u i. all of this in a city that has been priding itself in reducing violent crime. >> we had no homicides in san francisco. pile on crime was reduced. but what we're seeing is these robberies involving electronic devices. >> so far this year police have reported more than 2000 robberies. >> of those 2000 robberies, 1199 involved smart phones. and that is quite an alarming number. >> not to mention laptops and i- pass? >> correct. >> is that up from last year? is that increasing? >> i do not know if it has increased from last year, i just have a cellphone statistics but what we're seeing is that when people resist, they're becoming more violent, they attack the victims. >> in the case of the woman who was robbed yesterday, she is doing ok, she was just sitting outside here and the guy grabs her ipad and the three men took off, and the cops chased her for about a mile. she thanked police for calling 9 1 1 and she got her ipad back but a lot of people don't get it back and is sold on the black market for hundreds of dollar
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
seventies for san jose and livermore 87 and aaron dunn san fransisco chilly 1 with 63. redwood city 72 and not of valley 79. legos sunshine and 73 degrees. thursday, through sunday, highs well in the '90s inland approaching 80 degrees near the bay with mainly sunny skies and we will be sunny and warm. that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> if you have a credit card and you could be in for a refund, coming up, the customers and peddled to a piece of a $200,,,, >> if you have a discover credit card and you could be getting refunds. julie wants explains how the nation's sixth largest credit card is paying out $200 million because of deceptive telemarketing. >> a consumer financial protection bureau and the f.d.i.c. say that the discover telemarketer's trick customers to buy add-ons like add and defect detection. they say they often implied the benefits were free to result in hefty fees for more than a half- million customers. the average refund will be $57 although the amount will vary depending on the product and how long you have had it. customers and should expect a check by early next year a
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
? is there a difference? it turns out yes, especially if you intend to sleep there. the city of san francisco is removing the people living under 280 near the cal train station. this is certainly not the only homeless camp in town. there's a far more visible homeless in canada that is going nowhere. >> an interesting twist in san fransisco, a bit of politics and homelessness. this can hear, chp was supposed to be coming in this morning and clearing out but apparently caltrans does not have the manpower or the materials to seal the area off. it is interesting because there is another camp on market street being handled slightly differently. here's the story. this is a homeless camp under interstate 280. this is another homeless camp in the middle of downtown san francisco. the one under the freeway is being told to move and the one on market street is pretty much being left alone. the three-freeway was shut down after a fire. but if you put a sign up and make it a political statement then it is not a homeless can't anymore. it is a free-speech issue. >> well, i think that is something that we are figurin
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
not done yet ... >> this is inappropriate for you to come in here ... >> a local city council candidate accused of fraud, the questions he did not like us asking? >> the battleground states where one can it it appears to be surging. >> our deepest longing is to feel like our lives matter. >> delivering food to those ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> he is running for oakland city council, a number of notable officials and organizations have endorsed him but some people in the neighborhood say " wait a minute ". linda yee is here on his legal problems and questions that he did not want to answer. >> he took me to the army base and said that is where it would be. >> it sounded like a promising investment, a bio diesel plant at the site of the old army base. so mario and his wife took out an equity line of credit on their house and went $210,000 to mario juarez, an oakland real estate broker running for city council. >> he said that they would pay us back. >> but they say that there were never paid back and the site for the plant is still empty. >> he was able to win my husband's trust, our trust, a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6